Manufacturer of bespoke furniture for hotels and restaurants


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Manufacturer of bespoke furniture for hotels and restaurants

Designer and manufacturer of bespoke outdoor and indoor furniture, Sérénité Luxury Monaco takes advantage of its location in of one of the most iconic and prestigious cities of the French Riviera, Monaco Monte-Carlo.

The top-quality products carefully selected by our team with impeccable finishes have made a reputation for the brand. Our expertise in the ongoing development of new products provides you with all the most resistant and stylish furniture along with bespoke decoration solutions for your projects.

The design concepts are developed in order to enable significant use of high performance material and technical innovations that ensures a long furniture life: bad weather and UV insensitivity, tensile strength, resistance to chemicals and staining, long-term color stability speak for the quality of our products.

Our brand also assists its clients in defining their design concept and optimizing the use of products to enhance their life, your customer image, but also the comfort and well-being of users.

The experienced team of Sérénité Luxury Monaco intervenes from trends consultancy and creating furniture up to the definition and management of your new decoration. We also set up a comprehensive customer support in furnishing and decorating, creating your customized furniture as well as in terms of organizing your space.

Sérénité Luxury Monaco works with the highest accuracy and requirement for the implementation of large decoration projects and helps leading luxury brands today.


Indoor & Outdoor

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Sérénité Luxury Monaco has been working since 2006 to upscale contemporary furniture, create fully-modular design and find out the best options for all your indoors and outdoors.

In addition to its own collections, the brand also provides its customers original and unique designs and models, tailor-made furniture with specific items than can be adapted to your project. These customized products and genuine designs are only available on request (manufacturing delays to be taken into consideration).

According to customer requirements, each and every product can be fully re-designed and adapted with a  varied selection of materials in terms of  cover, structure, color and dimension.

Over the years, our brand has been able to enrich its product line and portfolio, developing and integrating a variety of furniture items and accessories to give better satisfaction to our customers.


Recognition & Success

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Créateur et fabricant de mobilier sur mesure pour une clientèle exigeante, Sérénité Luxury est positionné sur un créneau très spécifique lui permettant de proposer des modèles sur mesure, de développer des univers spécifiques à chaque client.
La majeure partie des matières utilisées est française ou européenne. Elles sont conçues pour un usage intensif et pour résister aux intempéries, aux UV, aux variations de températures.
Var Eco.Biz
Ce n'est pas qu'un titre de Supergrass. Large et profond, il invite aux débuts de soirée animés pour réécouter entre amis les standards qui ont fait la légende du rock. On aime l'assise confortable, le détournement type Chesterfield clouté, les cuirs moelleux. Un vrai objet chic et rock.

Ligne Rock chic. Sofa of my lethardy

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Dans les palaces, sur les plages privées, chez les particuliers, ses créations s’immiscent partout Un plébiscite pour des produits design qui résistent aux intempéries et son vendus ``full``, avec coussins, matelas et housse de protection.
Residences Décoration

Sérénité Luxury Monaco is able to be there every step of the way throughout your project by providing a unique and customized service. The brand offers high-quality furniture with exceptional and unusual finishines. You will feel distinctive about your own new decoration and identity. Please contact our team now, and give us the most detailed overview about your project. We undertake to reply promptly.