Creation of custom-made rugs for hotels, restaurants, bars and yachts

Serenite Luxury Rugs are developed and tested to be used both indoors and outdoors. Decorative and comfortable on the ground ground, they give character to your establishment. To give a touch of color to your place or warm a room, our carpets adapt to all your requirements and are easy to maintain.

Carpets and rugs belong to art history and represent the invariant comfort in many civilizations of the East and the West. The carpet has survived centuries and fashions. Used in various ways over the centuries, on the wall or on the floor, on a bed or thrown over a couch, it is now an object of curiosity and design easy to furnish and customize your spaces.

Who said that the carpet was outdated? Dress up as your terrace restaurant and spa with a unique, stylish rug that perfectly acclimatize to all styles and all tastes.